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Boomtown Rocks!


Boomtown Richmond is partnering with RVA Rocks! to help spread kindness and positivity around the Metro Richmond area.

“RVA Rocks! is the official community ROCKS group for the Richmond Virginia Metro area. Which includes Chesterfield County, Henrico County, Hanover County, Goochland, Powhatan, Ashland, Mechanicsville, New Kent, Hopewell, Colonial Heights, Petersburg, and Dinwiddie. With affiliate groups throughout Central VA! We paint rocks, shells and earthy things to hide around the RVA area to brighten people’s day!” (RVARocks!, Official Facebook Page)

In partnership with Boomtown Richmond and local artist Paul, we will hide various rocks around Richmond with band logos on them of the artists we play here at Boomtown Richmond!

When you find a Boomtown Richmond “Rock” with our logo on the back, you can bring it to the station located at 1420 N. Parham Rd #R129 Richmond, VA 23229. We are on the first floor of the Regency Square Mall next to JC Penny’s and redeem the rock for $20 worth of gift cards courtesy of the Radio Shopping Show.


  • Contest winner is only allowed to bring in ONE rock every 90 days and show some sort of identification or shopper number. 
  •  Contest winner MUST be a shopper or sign up for FREE for The Radio Shopping Show and show proof of identification. 
  • Rocks will be kept and displayed till January 1, 2021 at that time the rocks can be picked up by the contest winner



  1. Rock #1 (Jimi Hendrix): “I am hidden at the opposite of “Little-Not” Park.” FOUND
  2. Rock #2 (Janis Joplin): “I am hidden at a merchant located in Mechanicsville. It’s one of Big Mike’s and Rockin’ Ron’s favorite places to eat!” FOUND
  3. Rock #3 (The Rolling Stones): “I am hidden at a restaurant that Michael in the Morning used to work at!” FOUND
  4. Rock #4 (Fleetwood Mac): “I heard it through the grapevine that I am hidden at this merchant!” FOUND
  5. Rock #5 (The Who): “I am hidden at a merchant that serves “Red Neck Sundaes”, Yum!” FOUND
  6. Rock #6 (The Doors): “”Break On Through To The Other Side” of Richmond, and enjoy some free food and music at this merchant starting at 2pm on Saturday, July 25th.” FOUND
  7. Rock #7 (Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers): “I’m hidden at one of the Radio Shopping Shows NEWEST merchants.” HINT: They’re located somewhere in Chesterfield County! FOUND
  8. Rock #8 (Ray Charles): “Come Rain or Come Shine”, you can visit this merchant anytime! Come find me and enjoy a refreshing tea or a delicious piece of cake! Yum! FOUND
  9. Rock #9 (The Beatles): I’m located where two merchants “Come Together”: one recreation and one restaurant. HINT: I’m located in an area, north of Midlothian. FOUND
  10. Rock #10 (Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young): I am hidden at a merchant located in Lakeside! HINT: I’m only open 2 days a week. FOUND
  11. Rock #11 (Arethra Franklin): I’m hidden at a merchant located off of Midlothian Turnpike. If you stop by, you could try one of their freshly made sandwiches or hot beverages! FOUND
  12. Rock #12 (The Byrds): I’m hidden at a merchant that specializes in Grateful Dead merchandise!
  13. Rock #13 (Creedence Clearwater Revival): You’ll find me “Down On The Corner” at a restaurant located in Richmond! Here you can order delicious Italian fare! FOUND
  14. Rock #14 (Santana): I am hidden at a merchant located off of Midlothian Turnpike. This is a great place to bring the kids for a fun day! FOUND
  15. Rock #15 (David Bowie): I’m located at a merchant who serves up some ROCKIN’ barbecue! From pulled pork to St. Louis Smoked Ribs, they’ve got all of your barbecue favorites! Hint: They’re located somewhere in Lakeside ?
  16. Rock #16 (Bob Seger): I’m located at a merchant that’s down on (West) Mainstreet! They serve Salvadoran Brunch on Sundays. You can order dishes like Huevos Rancheros, Huevos Picados, Quesadillas, and Pupusas!
  17. Rock #25 (Hermans Hermits): You’ll always get “into something good” when you order from this bakery that specializes in customized desserts.
  18. Rock #26 (Blind Faith): “Well alright”, I need a mani and a pedi! Hint: Near Tuckahoe Village Shopping Center. FOUND
  19. Rock #27 (Grateful Dead): Go on down to Lakeside so you can search for this rock. You may not find “Sugar Magnolias”, but their menu may contain something sugary. Hint: The owners name isn’t “Bertha”, but its close! FOUND
  20. Rock #28 (Marc Bolan & T. REX): You’ll “Bang a gong” for chili dogs, burgers, and fries…diner style. Hint: Look for the big yellow sign with bold red lettering! FOUND
  21. Rock #29 (Cream): I’m hidden at a merchant thats’ slogan is “A Taste of Liverpool in Richmond”. Hint: Their fish and chips are “bloody brilliant”!
  22. Rock #30 (The Animals): Have a dog that needs to get groomed? Take them to this merchant, featuring two experienced dog groomers. Hint: They’re located off of W Broad Street in Henrico. FOUND
  23. Rock #31 (Sly and The Family Stone): I’m hidden at a merchant where you can be sure to “Dance To The Music”! Hint: I’m located in Henrico.