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Welcome to Boomtown Shopping Club, the ultimate destination for amazing deals and discounts! This page features a wide range of categories to explore, accompanied by our deal highlights section at the top. Discover incredible savings on a variety of products and services, all conveniently organized for your shopping pleasure. Whether you’re looking for the latest fashion trends, home essentials, or dining experiences, our carefully curated listings have got you covered. Shop now and experience the thrill of saving big with Richmond Shopping Show.

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How it Works

The Boomtown Shopping Club is The Most Amazing Show on the Radio because it allows you to save HUGE amounts of money on products or services you purchase every day. It’s easy and It’s fun to save 40%, 50%, 60% or even more by simply listening to our program on WBTL 92.9FM, or WVNZ 101.7FM, and calling 804-740-2666.

During the broadcasts our listeners enjoy HUGE SAVINGS on travel destinations, fast food, family or fine dining, entertainment, weekend getaways, auto services, recreation, office supplies and thousands of other items for which others pay full retail price.

How can The Boomtown Shopping Club Offer Such Deep Discounts?

The Boomtown Shopping Club is a unique barter marketing program. Businesses offer products and services on The Boomtown Shopping Club in exchange for advertising and publicity. This is why these certificates can be sold at such incredibly low prices. We pioneered The Boomtown Shopping Show in 1981 and since then tens-of-thousands of people have saved literally millions of dollars.

If you have a favorite business you’d like to see on our program please call our office at 804-741-8946 (if you are a business owner or manager of a business which could benefit from this remarkable marketing opportunity, we would welcome your call).

When is The Boomtown Shopping Club on the Air?

You can save money:

  • Monday through Saturday: 10 a.m. – Noon
  • Weekdays: 5 PM to 6 PM

How Do I Learn When and Where Your Road Shows Take Place?

Listen to our daily programs for the weekly schedule or check this website.

How Do I Get Started?

It’s easy! Just go to the  [Membership] page and complete the form. There you will learn how to quickly begin saving money. Once you receive your Money Saver Key Tag you’ll be able to call in during The Boomtown Shopping Club or visit our Road Shows and make immediate purchases by using your exclusive member number.

Ready to shop and eager to begin saving money? Great! Simply call The Boomtown Shopping Club live during one of our scheduled broadcasts. Our friendly and knowledgeable hosts will give you a temporary number and you can begin saving money right away while you wait for your permanent Money Saver Key Tag number to arrive.

Before you call the program or visit our Road Shows we suggest you prepare a list of items you wish to purchase. This preparation moves the process along allowing more people to participate and more savings for you.

What’s a Marathon Show and How Do I Participate?

Four times each year we broadcast special 24 hour Marathon Boomtown Shopping Club featuring a huge array of items over and above our already extensive inventory. All are priced at even BIGGER SAVINGS than you’ve come to expect.

You’ll find a complete shoppers guide at this website of products and services offered on each Marathon Show. Stay tuned or visit our website to learn more about this unique and exciting way to save even more money.

Can You Give Me Any Additional Information?

Our goal is for you to have a uniquely satisfying experience as you save on The Boomtown Shopping Club. We believe once you try it you’ll find out just how much fun it is saving 40%, 50%, 60% or even more on items you purchase all the time! If you have any questions, please call 804-741-8946, Monday through Saturday between 9:30AM and 5:30PM. Please continue to visit this site regularly for updated information.

Shopping Club Rules

If you’re a new member of our Boomtown Shopping Club family . . . welcome and congratulations! We’re glad you’ve joined us!

If you’re a frequent shopper, THANK YOU for your patronage and continued support.

To better serve you we have developed the following guidelines, which all shoppers must follow, in order for The Boomtown Shopping Club to continue to be a “win-win” situation for everyone.

Please carefully read the following “Rules of the Road.”

It’s essential that each shopper fully and completely adhere to all conditions and restrictions as stated on the front and back of our certificates.

Here are the basics:

  • Bearer will pay all applicable sales tax when redeeming certificate.
  • Entire certificate must be redeemed in one visit.
  • In the case of restaurant certificates, bearer agrees to leave a fair tip of a minimum of 15% for their server based on the full retail value of the check for the meal. A tip of 20% would be even better!
  • All certificates are usually fully transferable.
  • All hotel certificates for stays are based on availability. In the case of a dispute The Boomtown Shopping Club reserves the right to exchange certificates or Boomtown Shopping Club credit. Bearer agrees that any and all damages shall be limited to monies exchanged for the certificate.
  • Boomtown Shopping Club does not give refunds or exchanges on valid certificates.
  • Expirations will not be extended on any certificates.
  • The Boomtown Shopping Club reserves the right to suspend or cancel participation privileges of any person found to be in violation of these conditions or other policies or parameters put in place by the station.

Now, let’s look at some amplifications and further information.


Please be prepared to show your Boomtown Shopping Club Money Saver Key Tag or other form of photo identification when picking up your certificates at our Redemption Center or at the Road Shows. This assures us you are getting the correct order!

You may pick up orders for friends or family members only if you can present that person’s Money Saver Key Tag.


To qualify for mail order service, you must spend a minimum of $20.00 per call. A $2.00 handling fee will be added to your total. Payment must be received within one week of the date of your call. Upon receipt of payment, your certificate(s) will be mailed.

If you want to charge your purchase to your credit card, you must first register your credit card. Your certificate(s) will be processed and mailed to your home, usually within 48 hours.

The Boomtown Shopping Club is not liable for orders that are delayed, lost or stolen.


When using a certificate at a restaurant or business where a gratuity is appropriate, please make sure you leave a tip. The minimum acceptable tip is 15% of the total retail value of the bill. A tip of 20% would be even better. You must pay all applicable sales taxes. Special Note: No change will be given if you fail to use the entire amount of the certificate-no exceptions. The unused portion of a certificate is not applicable towards the tip.


All certificates must be redeemed before the expiration date. No exchanges will be given on any expired certificates and we are not able to extend any expiration date.


Lost, stolen, mutilated, and expired certificates have no value. Once you take possession of a certificate you are responsible for its safety and well being. Certificates cannot be replaced under any circumstances.

Keep the certificates you purchase in a safe place until you are ready to use them.


All certificates are subject to any restrictions or conditions listed on them. Examples of such restrictions or conditions could include: “One certificate per table, not valid on sale items, good Sunday through Thursday, Blackout Dates apply, etc.”

These restrictions must be observed. Before purchasing gift certificates please review them by asking a Boomtown Shopping Club host or associate to explain any restrictions.

In the unlikely event of a complication involving a Boomtown Shopping Club or Radio Travel Show certificate, please contact The Boomtown Shopping Club Coordinator or an associate rather than the business in question. This will help you rapidly resolve any issue.

We encourage you to try different businesses and not to use a certificate every time you visit a given business. Keep in mind that The Boomtown Shopping Club exists to introduce you to new businesses and save you money. Whenever possible please spend over and above the value of the gift certificate. Be a repeat customer.


When using certificates requiring a reservation, we encourage you to plan ahead and not wait until the last minute. Plan ahead. This will help you prevent any problems.

If a valid certificate does not work, please contact us prior to the expiration date listed on the certificate. At our option we will exchange it for another certificate of equal purchase price. For example, if you purchased a $20 certificate for $8 dollars, you would be credited $8 towards the purchase of another certificate(s).

If you have any questions about this policy, please ask a Boomtown Shopping Club host/associate or send an e-mail to mail@boomtown-richmond.local.


Please take the time to write a letter to the owner or manager of a participating business letting them know about your positive experience and how much you appreciate their being on The Boomtown Shopping Club.

If you are a new customer, inform them that you heard about them on The Boomtown Shopping Club.

Also, be sure to tell your friends and family members all about the fantastic deals from great area businesses and beyond which are available every day on The Boomtown Shopping Club.

Have a great time shopping and saving BIG money!

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