What is the Boomtown Shopping Club?

The Boomtown Shopping Club is the most unique shopping show on the radio. We exchange advertising on the radio for gift cards from our advertisers. Advertisers pay no cash. Our advertisers win by gaining exposure and spend no cash; our listeners get to purchase deeply discounted gift cards to these businesses and the station makes enough money to do this for our members each and every day! 


How do I become a Boomtown Shopping Club Member and what is the cost?

The membership in the Boomtown Shopping Club is FREE. There will never be a cost to our listener/member. You can join online at our membership page, boomtownrichmond.com; by calling the studio live at 804-740-2666 or by calling our front desk at 804-741-8946. You may shop the first time you call, even before becoming a permanent member. 


What is the guaranteed savings?

Our pledge to you is that you are guaranteed to ALWAYS save 50% off the cost of a gift card. A  $50 gift card will always be no more than $25 to purchase. A $20 gift card will always cost no more than $10 to purchase. The reason you tune into the show each day is to listen to the daily deals on hundreds of products….daily deals on the radio show are  60%, 70%, 80% and even sometimes 90% off. 


How can I listen to the Boomtown Shopping Club and when?

The Boomtown Shopping Club is one the air from 10AM to Noon and from 5PM to 7PM every Monday thru Friday and at 11AM to Noon on Saturdays. We can be heard on Boomtown Radio 101.7 FM and at The Line 1480 AM. We also can be streamed on our Boomtown App found in the App Store online.


How do I receive my discount gift cards?

Your gift cards will be mailed to you UNLESS you ask to pick them up. You may pick your discount gift cards up at Boomtown “Big Blue” Headquarters located at 306 E Main St, Richmond VA. We are open 10AM to 3PM each weekday. Call 804-741-8965 with questions or for directions to parking. 


Where can I find all the discount gift card deals you have for sale?

All of our discount gift cards currently for sale can be found on our web page, Boomtownrichmond.com. Simply go to the site, click on “Shop Now” and you will see all of our current deals and their prices. You can also pick up, in person, our Boomtown Shopping Club Menu, a printed guide that lists all our current advertising partners, their address and the retail price of their gift card. 


Where can I have my questions answered?

You may call our front desk, customer service hotline at 804-741-8946